Board Game Lovers: 3 Ways To Pre-Plan Funeral Activities For Family & Friends

Funeral traditions have evolved and changed over the years. Instead of relying on other family members to make funeral arrangements, many people choose to plan their own services well ahead of their passing. If you're interested in planning your own funeral, then you can work with a funeral home to plan out all of the details. Among the details are specific activities and features catered to your interests. If you are a board game lover, then there are multiple ways to plan board game events and themes for your services. By planning ahead, you can have everything set in place for a moving memorial service that showcases your love for board games.

Custom Playing Cards

Funeral services often feature prayer cards as a small piece of memorabilia for the diseased. These cards feature the name of the loved one that passed, along with an inspirational message or prayer. As an alternative to the prayer cards, you can have custom playing cards printed for your own services. Custom playing cards can feature all types of designs and are directly related to your love of board games. You can choose to include your personal photo, a special message, or details like your birthday. The cards can be handed out individually or you can order enough decks to distribute to every visitor at the funeral. These keepsakes are great ways for family and friends to honor you with every time they play cards.

Board Game Burials

When making arrangements with funeral homes, there are a lot of options for your caskets or burials. When considering board games, you can decide on different types of board games that you want to get buried in. For example, you can arrange to have your favorite board game placed in the casket with you. This can be a brand new copy of the game or the copy that you own. Along with a board game, you also have the option of getting buried with a special board game piece. Much like how people get buried with special pieces of jewelry, a board game token can present your love to different games. For example, if you loved chess, then you get buried with King or Queen piece. If you loved the game Monopoly, then you could get buried with your favorite player token like the card. If you loved word games like Scrabble, then you could buried with tiles that spell out your name or a special phrase. Brainstorm different ideas to truly make your burial special and meaningful.

Board Game Stations

Many funeral services feature rows of chairs where guests can sit and mourn the loss. As an alternative, you can have chairs arranged around tables to create different board game stations. By creating these stations, you can set up areas with your favorite board game selections. This is a great way to add some fun and celebration to your festivities. Along with setting up the board games, you can create different messages or special notes to go with each game.

For example, you may set up an area with the board game Scattergories. You can write a little message about when you first started playing this game, your favorite memories in the game, and why you love the game so much. These notes can help give special meaning to the services and allow everyone to feel a special connection. You can also display any pictures you have of playing the games. This can help family and friends relive all of the special moments they have had while playing games with you.

Contact a funeral home to arrange all of these features ahead of time. This will help make the services go smoothly and make it easier for family members to execute your plans.

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