Smaller Details To Consider When Making Your Funeral Arrangements

Giving some thought to your own funeral arrangements not only ensures that the ceremony honors you and your life in the way that you want, but can also prevent your surviving family members from struggling with deciding what they think you'd want for your funeral. During the process of making these arrangements, you'll focus on a number of key things, such as who will give your eulogy, who will serve as pallbearers, and even which funeral home will host the service. It's important, however, to also consider a handful of small details that will further ensure the service is exactly how you'd want it. Here are some smaller details to go over.

Reserved Seating

While it's customary to have your immediate and extended family members occupy the first one or two rows of seats at the funeral service, many people designate the following row or two of seats for other people who hold a special significance. Consider whether you wish to have others close to the front of the room. If you were extremely close with your work colleagues or friends from church, for example, you may wish to have them seated in these rows. Sharing your wishes now will ensure that your family and the funeral home staff reserves enough rows toward the front of the room.

Open Casket Attire

Deciding whether to have a closed or open casket is a big decision to make, but your thoughts on this subject shouldn't stop there. You should also give some consideration to what you want to be wearing when your body is displayed in this manner. If you have a favorite suit or dress, make sure that you share this information with your family. You'll also want to select the tie and any jewelry that you'll be wearing for the funeral service.

Reception Food

Many funeral services are followed by a reception that offers finger foods for those who have attended. If you really want to ensure that the entire funeral service is to your liking, you can specify which foods will be served at the reception. Doing so can be an effective way to really make this event a reflection of your life. For example, if you absolutely love a certain type of sandwich, it makes sense for this food to be offered at the reception. Many of the attendees who know of your sandwich preference will be able to smile as they eat the sandwiches and think of you.

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