Three Of The Biggest Expenses Of Funerals And Smart Ways To Save

Whether you are left unexpectedly paying for a funeral for a loved one or you are in the process of making your own arrangements in advance, there is one thing you will see really quick. The overall end bill for a funeral can get pretty steep if you are not careful about the choices you make for the service and burial.

While most funeral homes will do all they can to work with you on costs and pricing, it is also a good idea for you to be a smart shopper—even when planning a funeral. Take a look at a few of the biggest expenses of funerals and smart ways you can save some money on the final bill. 

Expense: The Casket 

How to Save: Opt for Less Expensive Models

It is tempting to choose that incredible metal casket that is lined with velvet and polished chrome, but there are always less expensive ways to provide a final resting container for the deceased. Ordering a casket straight through the funeral home is not your only option. These things are now available from big-name retailers at wholesale prices and private craftsman who create nice designs from wood.

If you don't have time to search for an outside provider, just make sure you ask the funeral director about cheaper alternatives they have available on the list of caskets available. 

Expense: Burial and Burial Plot

How to Save: Opt for Cremation

People are often surprised to find out how much they will have to pay to get a burial plot in a cemetery. Plus, you will also be facing the costs of the contractor who does the actual burial. Therefore, this part of funeral planning can truly be one of the more expensive. If the expense is a little much for your budget and you cannot find a cheap enough plot, it is a good idea to instead consider cremation, which would eliminate the need for a burial plot at all. 

Expense: Transportation From the Funeral Home to the Grave Site

How to Save: Provide Your Own Transportation

It may seem a little unconventional, but can also be a unique send off just the same. You do actually have the option most of the time to provide your own transportation for the remains in the casket from the funeral home to the final resting place. You could go with something like a horse-drawn carriage, if you know someone who would be willing to help, or even transportation on the bed of a pickup truck if you want something unique. 

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