How To Personalize A Funeral Service

Planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things for the surviving family members. It must be done during a time of loss and sadness. Funeral services are held to memorialize a deceased person with his or her body present. This memorial event is made up of various components and takes place over several days.

However, it is important to consider your deceased loved one's wishes when planning. Read on to find out how to personalize a funeral service.

Create A Personal Environment

Creating a personal environment allows you to display your deceased loved one's personality or interests. It is created using items from the person's favorite hobbies, from their career or any other area of the person's life. Examples of hobbies include photography, gardening, sewing, hunting or fishing. If your loved one is an avid photographer, then you can put some of his or her pictures on display. You can also take items that your loved one received from their job and share with guests. These items can be displayed at the visitation or homecoming service.

Donate To A Favorite Charity

It is common for people to send flowers. Flowers are sent to the home of the family and the church. The flowers are often given away or end up dying. If your deceased loved one have a favorite charity, then you can just have people donate in his or her name instead of sending flowers.

Personalize The Procession

The funeral procession is when the body is carried to the church or cemetery. If the body is transported by hearse, then the family follows behind the vehicle. The procession is usually led by police officers. If your deceased loved one was a part of a group, then the group can help with personalizing your procession. For example, if your loved one was in a car club or in a band, then you can have them lead behind the police officers.

Hold The Reception In A Significant Place

A reception is usually held after the funeral. It allows for loved ones to gather, eat, and share memories. You can personalize this experience for holding the reception at a place of significance. This place of significance can be a lake house, a favorite restaurant, or a park.

Losing a loved one is an emotional experience. However, you should focus on the good times. It helps with your grieving to share these good times with loved ones. You must get creative because there are so many ways to personalize a funeral. To learn more, contact a company like Meyers Funeral Home LTD.

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