2 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Memorial Grave Marker

If you have lost a loved one, or know that a loved one will soon pass, you are probably thinking about things like grave markers for the first time. Choosing a memorial for your loved one can be very challenging. Here are some things that you should consider before you purchase the memorial.

1. Choose It Early On If Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is waiting too long to order the grave marker. Know that it can take a month or more to get the headstone made, so the earlier you can do it, the better it is for the grieving family. This doesn't mean that the choice should be rushed, in fact, this is a very important decision. This is how you will immortalize your loved one and their grave, so there should be a lot of thought that goes into it.

If your loved one is terminally ill and you know it is only a matter of time until they pass away, you might even considering ordering the headstone before they pass, and then just have them add the death date after it happens. It is much easier to do this kind of planning before the passing of a loved one if possible.

2. Put The Information On It That Is Most Important To You

Although there are standard ways of making memorials, that doesn't mean that yours has to follow it exactly. Instead, you should think about what kind of information is most special to your loved one. If she was a beloved mother of children, you might consider putting her children's names on the back. This is a great testament to a mother who devoted her life to her children. If it is spouse, you might consider getting one headstone for the two of you to share. In the middle can be your wedding date, an engraving of the place you were married, or a quote about love. One consideration, however, is if the surviving spouse is young and likely to remarry. This may be difficult in the future if the spouse would like to share some of their memorial with their second spouse, or have an individual memorial.

In addition, many people ask how they should organize the information. This is a personal preference, although it is important that at some point on the headstone you have the person's birth date, or at least birth year and death date or year. This is an important part of preserving the individual's genealogy.

By considering these things, you can be confident that you are choosing the right memorial for your loved one. For more information and options for memorial grave markers, contact a company that supplies grave markers, like An Thiel Monuments.

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