Four Tips For Preparing An Affordable Cremation Service

Cremation is booming increasingly popular amongst many. The reason being that cremation is more affordable, better for the environment, and there are many more options when it comes to a burial. If you believe that cremation is right for you, here are four tips to prepare for an even more affordable cremation service:

  1. Plan for Direct Cremation: If you are looking to save more money for your family, a direct cremation is going to be the most affordable. This is where the cremation process is conducted without a service. Of course, not having a service isn't an option for many people, so the alternative is to have a service after the cremation has been done rather than have a viewing. A viewing would up the costs significantly because the body would need to be embalmed and there would also need to be a casket rental, as well. 
  2. Plan With the Right Funeral Home: You should compare costs between the different funeral homes in the area. You also want to be sure that the funeral home you choose will hold the cremation service that you want whether that be a direct cremation or a cremation with services. The whole process will need to be written out with all costs described in order to make the best decision. 
  3. Plan for the Ashes: Next, you want to consider what your wishes are to be with the ashes. There are a few options. For example, the most affordable would be to have the ashes scattered. You wouldn't need a fancy and costly urn in this situation. However, you can plan to have the ashes in an urn, just be sure that you cost compare the different urn options available. Another option would be to have the ashes stored in jewelry for your loved ones. However, this is typically the most costly of the options. 
  4. Plan for Help From the State: For low-income families, most states will have some program you can apply to for help with funeral costs. However, this is something that your surviving family will have to do. Leaving all the information with them can help if you qualify for the low-income requirements. 

With these four tips for preparing an affordable cremation service, you can be sure that you pre-plan your funeral in the best way possible for your surviving family's financial needs. Plus, you can be sure that your wishes are met. 

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