Benefits Of Choosing An Aluminum Urn For Your Loved One's Remains

If your deceased loved one is being cremated and you've decided that you'll keep the cremated remains in your home, your next job is to find an urn that is suitable. Funeral homes can offer you a wide range of urns, and you can also buy one independently if you prefer. With so many different styles and materials to consider, it can seem a little overwhelming to pick the right one — especially when you're in the middle of the grieving process. One type of urn to choose is an aluminum urn. Here are some benefits of this choice.

It's Available In Many Styles

While you might think of a brushed silver color when you think of an aluminum urn, the reality is that these products are available in a wide range of styles. Smooth finishes, textured finishes, matte and glossy, as well as faux finishes, are all available options on aluminum urns. For example, faux marble is common on this style of an urn, which gives you a fancy, highly polished appearance for this decorative piece that will be on display in your home.

It Won't Break

Some urn materials are breakable, which means that there's a slight risk of the urn hitting the floor and breaking — and leaving your loved one's cremated remains strewn about. This is the case with urns made of porcelain, for example. An aluminum urn is ideal because it won't break. Even if you accidentally drop the urn during the funeral service, when you're transporting it to your home, or even when you're dusting around it several years from now, it will not be severely damaged upon hitting the floor. The worst damage that could occur is a dent if the urn lands in a certain way, but this won't release the contents.

It Can Be Cost Effective

Certain urn materials can be more costly than others. Urns made out of smoothed rock such as marble are understandably pricey, while wooden urns can also be expensive because of the amount of time that goes into building them and applying several coats of lacquer to the exterior. While each urn retailer has the right to price its products however it wants, you'll often find that aluminum urns are more affordable than some other types of urns. This may be a detail that you appreciate if you wish to keep the funeral expenses as low as you can.

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