2 Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Headstone For Your Loved One

If a loved one has died and you have been put in charge of choosing the headstone, it can be a daunting task. There are many options available on the market. To help you, below are a couple tips for choosing the right type of headstone for your loved one.

Purchase A Durable and Strong Headstone

A durable and strong headstone can help prevent vandalism, in addition to holding up well under harsh weather conditions.

One type of material that works well is granite. Granite is beautiful and also very durable. You will see many headstones made of this material for these two reasons. Marble is another option you have. Even though marble is durable, it does not hold well up to rain, however. This is because acid can be found in rain and this acid can wear away marble. If you like marble, make sure you live close enough to maintain the headstone and it will last for generations.

Granite and marble are both unique in color and design, so you can get your loved one a headstone that looks different than the others surrounding it, if you so desire.

Choose the Right Engraving

Another thing you will have to do is to choose what you want engraved on the headstone. Some people make their wishes known about this before they pass on. If your loved one did not, then you have to do this. It is important as once the engraving is done it cannot be changed easily.

You will commonly see the name, birth date, and death date on headstones. You can add more than this, however. For example, if your loved one always repeated a certain saying, you can put this quote on the headstone. You could put something about the person as well. For instance, you could say they were a loving parent or loved to be outdoors.

If your loved one was religious, you can ask the engraving company to put a cross, angel, or praying hands on the headstone. If they were not religious you can choose something else, such as a heart or flower. If your loved one enjoyed sports, have the company engrave a baseball, football, etc.

Having these things on a headstone can help people understand who the person was that died. This is especially helpful for family members in the future that did not know this person.

Talk with the funeral home director about this information. They can help you choose the right headstone. You can also purchase the headstone on your own, if you prefer. Contact businesses like Pemi-Baker Memorials for more information.

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