Facing an Untimely Death: Final Arrangements With Lasting Benefits

An untimely death is something that no family wants to consider, yet it occurs far too often. Car crashes, accidental overdoses, and many other tragedies take children from parents or a young mother or father from the home thousands of time each year in America. When this happens, the family members left behind must often rush through important decisions for final arrangements while still grieving their loved one. This can cause them to make decisions they will regret later, such as interring their loved one in a cemetery far from home. If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one, the following suggestions can help ensure that the final arrangements made now will not be a sou decades later. 

Avoiding interment in locations far from home

Young families often move about the country, living for a few years at a time in several locations in order to build a career, serve in the military, or gain education. If a family suffers the unexpected loss of a loved one during this time, they may opt for interment near their current residence without realizing that doing so might mean leaving the deceased behind when their next job transfer or move occurs. Opting for cremation allows these families to remain close to their loved ones, without the need or expense of travel to visit a final resting place. 

Avoiding the burden of cumbersome expenses 

Opting for cremation instead of traditional burial can also help families avoid expensive transportation costs for their loved one when death occurs away from home. Since many unexpected deaths involve younger people who have not yet put together a financial plan that includes life insurance or funds to cover their final expenses, their families must often pay for funeral costs, including any transportation fees. Depending on the distance involved, transportation fees for the deceased's body can be significant, making an already difficult situation even more stressful. Choosing cremation in this circumstance is an excellent way to ensure that proper final arrangements for their loved one are made with less financial stress to the remaining family. 

While more Americans than ever before are opting for cremation as part of their final arrangements, many families may still have questions or concerns about this option. To learn more about the process, including the expected costs, time frame required, and other specifics, families should seek out the advice of a trusted funeral director or crematorium of their choice. 

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