Why Do More People Prefer Cremation Today?

Scientific innovations and the constant shift in the death outlook have changed how people look at funerals recently. If you are keen, you might have noticed that more people choose cremation as the ideal way to send-off loved ones after they pass on. Even those who choose to donate part of their bodies to science also prefer cremation over traditional funerals. So, why has the send-off viewpoint changed so much to cremation? Keep reading to know the top reasons.

You'll Pay Less 

One unique thing about cremation is its affordability. Usually, people organize a private cremation service before the body is cremated. This cannot be compared to the amount you will pay to get a casket, organize a visitation or wake, dig and build a grave, get a grave marker, and organize a secular or religious ceremony. Other miscellaneous costs like obituaries or flowers also need to be considered in a traditional burial. Most of these costs can be avoided when you seek cremation services. Funeral directors also offer customized cremation services depending on the allocated budget so, you don't have to worry if you are working on a limited budget.

You'll Have Many Options for Handling Remains

Another reason why people prefer cremation is the flexibility it offers when it comes to the remains. Once the body is cremated, you can choose to scatter the ashes in a river or ocean, place the urn containing the ash at home, or bury the urn. Some people even use the cremated remains to create commemorative artwork or pieces of jewelry to honor the deceased. So, you are free to choose what you'll do with the ashes after the body is cremated unless the deceased had offered specific instructions on what to do after cremation.

You'll Minimize Carbon Footprint

Most people have become more eco-conscious, unlike before, when only a few individuals were concerned about the carbon footprint they left behind. When you choose to cremate your deceased loved one, you will help conserve the environment. The procedure is efficient and requires minimal natural resources. A burial will require land, a coffin, and embalming services that put chemicals in the earth unnecessarily. Besides, you can use an eco-friendly urn that's made using recycled material. The ashes can be used to grow a tree or donated to the relevant authorities to complete a coral reef.

Clearly, there are many valid reasons to consider cremation when you lose a loved one. However, you must ensure your entire family agrees to do this if the deceased hadn't specified how their remains should be handled.

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