Benefits Of Cremation

More people are changing their attitudes about cremation, making the practice widespread. So, is cremation better than burial funerals? The budget, convenience, and environmental benefits make cremation an attractive option. Continue reading to discover the unique benefits of cremation funerals. 

Cremations are Affordable

Funeral expenses are a significant concern when planning a funeral service. If you compare the general price list across funeral homes, cremation is less expensive than a burial. The lower prices are because cremation may eliminate the need for a coffin, cemetery plot, and gravestone. Besides, if you are looking for an even cheaper funeral, go for direct creation. Thus, cremation services help in keeping the funeral expenses to a minimum. 

Cremation Enhances Convenience

A traditional burial funeral has several inconveniences. Primarily, a burial service requires a rushed process due to body preservation problems. Thus, organizing a burial funeral feels more urgent and frantic. Carrying out the burial plan within days can be stressful when family members travel from far away. With cremation, there is less pressure since you can cremate the body and then wait to plan for a memorable send-off. In addition, cremation helps to overcome transport logistics. You can transfer the ashes in an urn rather than transport the body in a coffin. Also, it becomes possible to move with the urn should you need to relocate. 

Cremation Provides for Creativity 

There is more room for creativity when organizing a cremation service. Essentially, there are more options for disposing of the body. For instance, you can keep the ashes, bury them, or keep the urn in a columbarium. Then, you can dispose of the ashes as per the deceased person's wishes. For example, you can scatter the ashes in the ocean, forest, or mountains. Also, it is possible to transform the ashes into jewelry for keeping. Also, you can decide to distribute the ashes among loved ones. This way, each person gets an opportunity to memorialize the deceased or perform their last wishes.  

Cremation is Eco-Friendly 

In many ways, cremation enhances environmental conservation goals. Notably, cremation eliminates the need for a burial requiring a cemetery. One can argue that cremation is not the most rational way of using land, a non-renewable resource. Besides, cremation may not necessitate a coffin, which creates the need to cut trees. Lastly, there is no need for body preservation chemicals like formaldehyde used in the embalming process. Thus, if you care for the environment, go for a cremation funeral. 

Cremation services provide more flexible options to honor your loved ones. Contact a local funeral home, such as Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, for more information about cremation services.

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